An award wining 68 seat 1912 theatrical style cinema showing an eclectic mix of films
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Tickets cost £5 Stalls, £6 Circle (you also need to be a member of Southwold Film Society, which costs £5 per year or £2 per season).
07815 769 565
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Once a cart shed and hayloft, the Electric Picture Palace was converted to a 68 seat, 1912 theatrical style cinema in 2002. It follows the style of Southwold's original cinema, first opened in 1912 in York Street.
The front of the cinema
The cinema aims to recreate the whole experience of going to the pictures in 1912 and features include a rising Tiny Wurlitzer cinema organ. The 'Manager' stands up before each Saturday night performance in a Dinner Jacket to introduce the film and always tells a joke. There's a B film and an interval half way through the main feature when ice-cream girls with torches and trays on neck-straps serve tubs of ice-cream and the Organist rises up through the stage floor playing. At the end of the film there is always a rendition of the national anthem with appropriate colour footage of the Coronation showing on the screen.
Inside the Electric Picture Palace
The cinema is run and owned by the Southwold Film Society and it tries to capture the essential atmosphere of a traditional British cinema, showing classic films old and new. The Electric Picture Palace shows films in Seasons throughout the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Seasons), with a short break in between each Season. The Season programme is only made public once the Southwold Film Society members have had their chance to book seats. Membership is available for just £5 a year, or just £2 for a single season (£2).
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